G&R’s Peruvian Sweet Onion season underway!

In conjunction with the start of Peruvian onion season, G&R Farms is excited to announce the expansion of its Rainforest Alliance Certified Sweet Onion Crop from Peru that will be available at leading retailers around the country. According to Walt Dasher, “We have increased this part of our total program by nearly 30% in an effort to support our growers and their continuing efforts to protect the environment and ensure sustainable livelihoods.

“Field reports from our staff in Peru indicate that the early crop is off to a very good start,” Dasher continued. “Shipments will pick up in August and continue until early next year. It’s important to remember that Peru’s sweet onion season includes a long planting and harvesting window.”

Dasher added that the sandy soils of Peru mirror those of Vidalia onion fields and the climate is ideal for growing premium quality onions. Since the harvest is staggered for many months, a certain volume can be gathered each week to ensure longer shelf life and freshness.

G&R Farms’ Peruvian Sweet Onions receive certification by Rainforest Alliance

Citing support for a healthier planet and an improved quality of life for farming communities, Walt Dasher announced today that G&R Farms is now shipping Peruvian Sweet Onions that are Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM. continue reading

G&R Farms announces new Operations Manager

Former USDA Produce Inspector Michael Sutton adds extensive experience
Michael Sutton, who has more than 40 years of experience in the produce industry, has been named Operations Manager of G&R Farms, Georgia’s oldest grower of Vidalia® Sweet Onions.continue reading

Growing America’s Farmers

(L-R) Jim Williams, executive director of development for the National FFA Organization; Walt Dasher, founder of Growing America’s Farmers and co-owner of G&R Farms; Mark Poeschi, chief executive officer of the National FFA Organization.

Retailers support ag scholarship program

Participating retailers in more than 30 states contributed a percentage of sales from this year’s crop of Vidalia Onions to support Growing America’s Farmers (GAF), a non-profit foundation that provides college scholarships through the National Future Farmers of America Organization.continue reading


G&R Farms is a pioneering leader in the Vidalia® sweet onion industry. G&R’s state-of-the-art facilities and emphasis on quality and safety are second to none. Our commitment to excellence is a deep-rooted family tradition. G&R Farms co-owners Robert, Pam and Walt Dasher invite you to learn more about our operation. We think you’ll see, when it comes to Vidalia® sweet onions, our experience truly makes a difference!

G&R Onions Update Video Quality and Safety G&R experience Recipes

State ag officials visit G&R Farms

With Vidalia onion harvest in full swing at G&R Farms,
Georgia Agriculture Commissioner...continue reading

Retailers and Wholesalers

New in-store bin holds 120 5-lb bags or 200 3-lb bags!

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