Well-known Vidalia® Onion specialist joins G&R Farms

Cliff Riner brings extensive experience to new position as Crop Production Manager

Cliff Riner, former coordinator of the Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Center, has been named crop production manager at G&R Farms. In his previous position, Riner served over a decade with the University of Georgia’s Cooperative Extension Service including area extension agent for the entire Vidalia onion region.

Riner is well-known in the Vidalia onion industry for his research in the mechanization of onion planting, variety selection and evaluation, onion flavor and pest control. He helped establish the University of Georgia’s Crop Quality Laboratory which evaluates sweet onion pungency and provides extensive research on sweet onion flavors through seed variety and soil analysis.

“We are excited to have Cliff as a member of our management team,” commented Walt Dasher, co-owner of G&R Farms. “He has built a strong relationship with many major onion seed companies and was directly involved in the selection and development of all the recent seed varieties within the Vidalia Onion industry.

“During his tenure with the Vidalia Onion Research Center, Cliff gained invaluable experience in data collection, new seed trials and the study of various fertilizer and chemical applications. He will be a great addition to our farming operation as we continue to stay ahead of the curve with the latest growing practices and new seed varieties that meet our high quality standards,” he added.

A graduate of the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Education and a master’s degree in Agriculture and Environmental Education, Riner has received numerous regional and state awards for his agriculture research and extension programming efforts.

G&R’s new crop production manager was the recipient of the Donnie H. Morris Award from the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association and he also received the Vegetable Research and Demonstration Award from the Georgia Agriculture Agents Association. He has also received various alumni honors from his alma mater.

“Over the years, we have learned you can never sit idle and not explore new growing practices. Cliff will be another key link in our management team as we seek to improve efficiency and explore various growing options that enhance our onion crop and strengthen our commitment to quality, without exception,” Dasher concluded.