HALL OF FAME AWARD - Gerald Dasher, a pioneer in the evolution of Georgia's Vidalia® onion industry, was inducted posthumously into the Vidalia® Onion Hall of Fame at a recent banquet and induction ceremony. The Tattnall County farmer was instrumental in the growth and success of G&R Farms which is considered the oldest grower and marketer of Vidalia® onions in Georgia. Accepting the award were family members including (l-r) Anita and Walt Dasher along with Paige and Mike Mulligan and their children, Faith and Dylan. Pam Dasher is holding the plaque.

Gerald Dasher of G&R Farms inducted posthumously into Vidalia® Onion Hall of Fame

The late Gerald Dasher of G&R Farms in Tattnall County, Georgia, was inducted into the Vidalia® Onion Hall of Fame during a special ceremony in February. Accepting the award on behalf of the family were his wife Pam, son Walt, daughter Paige and nephew Blake.

Gerald is remembered as a pioneer in the marketing, growing, and distribution of the Vidalia® sweet onion. In the early 1970's, he began traveling throughout the United States and several foreign countries to promote and market the “soon-to-be famous” sweet onion crop. Gerald was considered an innovator when it came to growing and he was widely known as an aggressive marketer of the onion which was beginning to attract worldwide acclaim. His operation started out small with just 10 acres of onions, but it later blossomed into a booming industry that helped to make Vidalia® onions a treasured produce for consumers throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Gerald did not mind reaching out to help his fellow farmers, often times marketing onions on their behalf to major retailers. He was one of the first to grow these sweet onions and the first to sell them to major grocery chains. Gerald, along with his brother, Robert, began working together in the 1960's and later formed their partnership, G&R Farms. The Dasher brothers were also the first growers to package the onions in ventilated boxes that are still widely used today.

Over the years Gerald served as chairman of the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association, and was a member of the Governor's International Board of Industry and Trade and the National Onion Association. He is long remembered as being a leader who inspired fellow growers and helped to build the growing popularity of Georgia’s famous onion crop.

Today, G&R Farms is recognized as the oldest grower and marketer of Vidalia® sweet onions in Georgia.

About the Vidalia® Onion Hall of Fame:

The Vidalia® Onion Hall of Fame award honors a person who has significantly and positively impacted the Vidalia® Onion industry by:

1. Protecting and promoting the Vidalia® Onion name
2. Protecting and promoting the quality of the Vidalia® Onion
3. Advertising the Vidalia® Onion
4. Using creative selling methods for Vidalia® Onions
5. Promoting research and growth development of the Vidalia® Onion
6. Demonstrating dedication to the success of the Vidalia® brand and the industry as a whole

The Vidalia Onion Committee was established in 1989 as Federal Marketing Order No. 955. The order authorizes production research, marketing research and development, and marketing promotion programs. The VOC administers the order locally and consists of eight producer members and their alternates and one public member and an alternate. More information about the Vidalia onion industry may be obtained at VidaliaOnion.org.