G&R Farms Vidalia® Onions featured in Delta One seasonal menu

Internationally-acclaimed chef creates Georgia Grown experience

World famous Vidalia® onions from G&R Farms in Tattnall County, GA are featured on Delta Air Lines’ seasonally-rotating Delta One menu for select international flights outbound Atlanta.

Inspired by the Coastal Plains of Georgia and its rich farming heritage, Chef Linton Hopkins creates unique dining experiences using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients from Georgia. Atlanta-based Hopkins dishes up menus inspired by artisan foods of the American South on flights from Atlanta to Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Rome or Stuttgart. Customers on these routes have come to expect Hopkins’ signature dishes such as regional cheeses, Carolina Gold rice and grits, local charcuterie and pork, mountain trout and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Highlights from the most recent menu include starters featuring G&R Farms cream of Vidalia® onion soup topped with cherry tomato and Georgia olive oil fondue and peppered bistro steak with roasted creamer potatoes, broccoli, peppered G&R Vidalia® onions and chimichurri sauce.

“We were honored to be a part of the latest Delta One seasonal menu,” commented Walt Dasher co-owner of G&R Farms, Georgia’s oldest family-operated Vidalia® onion grower. “Chef Hopkins is an internationally-acclaimed chef who creates an incredible culinary experience for Delta customers using wholesome, local ingredients. He is a true friend of farmers and his menus are always unique and inspiring.”

“This is a story of a farmer, chef and global airline working together to make inflight food better through a direct agricultural partnership,“ said Linton, who also owns the award-winning Restaurant Eugene in Atlanta. “I was fortunate to meet Walt Dasher and sample his onions. Plain and simple, G&R Farms Vidalia® onions are true to what defines them for me: balanced sweetness, a bright and crisp texture and distinctive shape. They are authentic and delicious.”

G&R Farms and the Dasher family have built a reputation as leaders in the Vidalia® onion industry since a few acres of the crop were harvested 72 years ago by Walter L. Dasher near his home in Glennville, GA.

Today’s operation has grown to include over 5,000 acres of southeast Georgia farmland operated by Robert, Pam and Walt Dasher. G&R Farms is recognized as Georgia’s oldest grower, packer, marketer and shipper of world famous Vidalia® onions.

In 2017, G&R grew 1,300 acres of Vidalia® onions, representing nearly 12 percent of the 11,000 total acres planted in Georgia’s onion belt, according to Walt Dasher, grandson of the farm’s founder.

Across its global network, Delta’s consulting chefs such as Hopkins, select chefs from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group in New York and Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo in Los Angeles create seasonally rotating, regionally influenced menus for the Delta One cabin using locally-sourced ingredients. Delta’s chef partnerships align with the airline’s overall culinary strategy to provide fresh, local ingredients to its customers at 30,000 feet.

“Delta’s in-flight food experience is about more than putting good food on a plane or having a big-name chef stamp his name on a menu,” said Lisa Bauer, Vice President of Delta’s On-Board Services. “It’s all about deep-rooted partnerships in our communities that allow us, through food, to better connect with customers and suppliers and have a positive impact on both. We are proud to partner with Linton and local suppliers like G&R Farms as we continue to change the conversation around airplane food and bring fresh, local and seasonal menus to our customers.”

“As a member of Delta’s culinary team, I am constantly searching for locally-sourced foods to elevate the quality and consistency of our menus,” said Hopkins. “Our relationship with local growers like G&R Farms is a win-win situation for everyone – Georgia farmers, Delta Air Lines and the many travelers who experience our fresh, seasonal menus.”

“I have enjoyed working with Walt and learning more about his family’s proud history as Georgia’s oldest grower of Vidalia® onions. It is a wonderful story,” he concluded.