Quality Testing and Traceability

Waters Agricultural Laboratories, Inc.

G&R Farms is dedicated to producing Vidalia® sweet onions of only the highest quality. They constantly test and retest their soil and plants to make certain the onions they grow are the very best.

Through services provided by Waters Agricultural Laboratories, Inc., G&R’s soil is extensively analyzed to ensure the perfect balance to grow onions. The laboratory also performs pungency testing services for G&R Farms before and after harvest to certify the sweetness of their Vidalia® onions.

HarvestMarkG&R Farms’ Vidalia® sweet onions are also traceable, providing valuable information for consumers after purchase. G&R Farms’ traceability services are provided by HarvestMark, a company that links produce with data about where it is grown and whether or not it is subject to a recall. When G&R Farms harvests onions, a unique HarvestMark code label is placed on the packaging. The code can be used to link consumers to key information about the Vidalia® onions online.

When customers purchase G&R Farms Vidalia® sweet onions, they can trust that quality is a top priority in every step of the production process.