State-of-the-Art Facilities

The facilities at G&R Farms feature the latest in technology – investments the Dasher family believes are mandatory for the quality controls and safety standards that go into the production of their Vidalia® sweet onions.

In the early 1980s, G&R Farms built a 40,000-square-foot onion packing and shipping complex, and soon thereafter was one of the first farming enterprises to invest in controlled atmosphere storage, which holds up to 220,000 bushels of onions and extends the shipping season.

Over the past two years, G&R Farms has installed two specially fabricated, high-tech onion dryers that kill bacteria and have increased drying capacity from 12,000 bushels to up to 80,000 bushels at a time. G&R has also added new vertical bagging machinery, labeling equipment and a new electronic sizing machine, and the packing facility has recently undergone renovations.

With the quality and safety of their Vidalia® sweet onions at the center of their operation, the facilities at G&R Farms feature cutting-edge advancements that lead the industry.